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I have just begun reviewing the numerous WordPress plugins installed on this blog.  It is quite overwhelming!  Reminds me of learning to use Joomla and Mambo.  I am sure that the learning curve will level off somewhat after digging in a bit deeper.  Of course there are a few items I will definitely seek guidance on.


Here is a screenshot of the WordPress Control Panel showing the links to some of the Plugin settings panels:

Sorry, the image uploader is not working.  We are checking the read write permissions on the server.  It appears that the folder that holds the images will not allow me to write to the folder.  Again, one of those things I discovered with Mambo / Joomla – the learning curve is pretty steep at first, but when you get past the problems, the things you learned problem solving become more and more useful in solving the next problem.

None the less, there are seven plugins activated on this blog and sixteen more available whenever I want to pull the trigger.  A word of advice from past experience – don’t over complicate things trying to make everything all work at once on day one.  As mentioned before, this is a work in progress and a learning experience, not a perfected model to follow.

I am categorizing this post in the WordPress category and am going to start posting a little that is more in the intended theme of this blog so I can play with the plugins. Patience!

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I just set up my WP blogs and I would love to get your list of plug in that you are using. I am so confuse as to which one is good, there so many to choice from.

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