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Well it is time for my friend Kevin Koitz to put his nose to the grind stone!  Serving the Washington DC Real Estate Market as well as Bethesda MD Real Estate Market, Kevin and his Koitz Group have been preparing for the arrival and departure of administrations regardless of who won any of the hundreds of elections.

Of course the biggie election was the Presidential election and it was a given that there would be no additional term for the current President.  Regardless of who the winner would be there would be a great demand for the efforts of great Real Estate agents in the near future.

As we all now know, Barak Obama beat John McCain and will be appointing many, many people to new positions of responsibility.  The Barak Obama Transition Team is presently getting all of their Presidential appointment decisions made and confirmed.  As this Presidential transition takes place there will be large numbers of persons not only moving in to the Washington DC and Bethesda MD market area but many moving out as well.  The Koitz Group stands prepared to assist those that will be buying homes and condos as well as those that will be needing to sell homes and condos.

Regardless of who you supported in the election or what party you are affiliated with be it Democrat, Republican, or Independent we all have great hopes that the new administration will have great success in it’s transition and that the woes we have been suffering will be put behind us as a Country and that we can soon return to prosperity!

If you are presently in transition either to or from the DC real estate market and would like the assistance of a great REALTOR, contact Kevin Koitz!

And when it is time for you or your friends to find a great place on the beach to get away from the DC scene, remember to visit our Gulf Shores Real Estate site!

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It would be interesting to study/show the impact of changes in administration on a local housing market. I’m sure there are studies out there. I’ll have to see what I can find for Sacramento. Kevin and the Koitz group would be a great resource for anyone moving to D.C. in this time of transition.

December 17th, 2008 at 12:08 pm

“Hi Cal – great to hear from you and thanks for such kind words. Yes, it’s certainly a momentous time in the Nation’s Capitol. Democrat, Republican, or anything in between, there’s an excitement buzzing around the city.

@ Carolyn – Ironically, we’re almost finished with a piece covering how administration changes effect the DC area housing market. I’ll let you know when it “hit’s the streets” 🙂

Thanks again, Cal
– K”

December 18th, 2008 at 1:16 am

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