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Do you know the “Rules of the Red Rubber Ball”?

Agent Top Story

Find your Red Rubber Ball

Family Reunion keynote speaker Kevin Carroll can help


Kevin Carroll, renowned speaker, agent for social change and author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball is next year’s Family Reunion keynote speaker. Carroll believes that “you’ve got to be willing to do the lonely work; the work of a champion.”


Carroll’s philosophy, set out in his book, Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, is that everyone needs to have something big to chase after—signified by his red rubber ball. Let Carroll teach you to harness your potential and recognize your moments of genius. “Choose not to be average, go beyond competency to mastery.”

Click on the above player to listen to Carroll’s story. Also, visit the Washington Speakers Bureau Website and select from one of the videos on the right (as pictured below) to hear Carroll speak.

“That red rubber ball can be anything but it has to be about you and what inspires you every day.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Carroll speak.

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