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2920292 carmel

So just how hard would it be to rank for the term "2920292 carmel"?

Well, for some it would be very difficult and for others not very.

It depends on your skill sets and the amount of effort.  I am sure that many Realtor webmasters would be able to give a good showing here and there would be many that would not be able to rank for the term even if they were the only ones in the world using the term. However, MIBOR MLS Board and the NAR want to stifle the progress of REALTORS AGAIN!

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Short Sale Progress With Countrywide

   Posted by: Cal    in Real Estate


The term "Short Sale" means different things to different people. 

If you have tried to buy a short sale, chances are you will never try it again.  And for the brave real estate agents who get involved…..let me just say, my heart goes out to you.

But, there may be signs of change in the short sale market.  Countrywide has partnered with Fannie Mae to test a pilot program in

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