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Welcome to the original post for this blog!  I have just logged in to a new WordPress.org Blog that was set up for me by my friend Eric Bramlett.  I want to take the time to thank him for graciously assisting me setting this up.

I am already familiar with WordPress.com and already have a WordPress blog titled – gulfshoreslife.wordpress.com.  The reason for creating this new blog is to be able to utilize the functionality of WP plugins that are not available to the WordPress dot com users.  Plugins are only available to those who have WordPress dot org blogs hosted on their own servers.

I am planning on documenting some of the steps of successfully setting up a functional WordPress.org Blog as I learn along the way. 

My first steps:

  • My host set me up with a clean WP install on his server and sent me a link to the admin panel along with the login information.  There were some plugins preinstalled that I am not familiar with and will discuss at a later time.
  • Review menu system and find similarities to .com version of WP.  Also, am trying to observe what is new – for example the Plugin portion of the control panel.
  • Point a seasoned URL to the new blog and wait for it to replicate through the DNS world – the domain is www.mygulfcoastbeachteam.com .  Approximately two hours after pointing to the new blog it has apparently still not updated through the DNS systems – it is still pointing to the Point2Agent site it has been – calcarter2.point2agent.com
  • Visit the front end or public side of the new blog.  Notice that there is a generic first post and a generic About Us page, there are no categories set up, and that there are numerous WordPress help sites in the blogroll portion of the menus. 
  • Go to the About US page and edit it with a short paragraph about the mission of this blog.  Note to self, I need to go back there and make that page more complete at a later time.
  • Go to the first post and edit it to become this message “Post Numero Uno”.  Could have deleted it and started all over with new message, but wanted to try editing, will learn plenty about new posts in the coming days.
  • Set up one new Category – “WordPress Blog Creation” – all of the learning posts will be categorized as WordPress. Additionaly I placed this entry within that category.  I did not add any additional categories at this time because I want to think about the direction of this blog first.
  • Went to the Blogroll maintenance and edited the items that were present so that they would not display to the public.  I could have deleted them since they are not relevant to this blog, but by doing as I did, I will have access to this helpful WordPress Blogs, Tutorials, and Plugins from the backend of the Blog whenever I may need them for reference.
  • While I was in the Blogroll maintenance I added a link to the Blogroll for Eric Bramlett.  This is in appreciation for his efforts and help.  We are networkers in a relevant industry with common goals.  As Eric Blackwell states – “it is about building relationships” – I think I will add Blackwell to my Blogroll now – he is a mentor and inspiration as well as a great guy (grin)!
  • That sums up the current activity – I am now jumping in to find all the Plugin Bells and Whistles Eric Bramlett has set me up with!

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November 7th, 2008 at 11:56 am

“reason for creating this new blog is to be able to utilize the functionality of WP plugins that are not available to the WordPress dot com users.” This is the main thing that people who set up the free word press version fail to realized when they start using WP. I recently started using WP and found it to be excellent.

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April 23rd, 2009 at 8:05 am

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